JUST TEN. Introducing our policy.

Hand crafted

One of the main values is to do the things well doneand that is why we do not trust anyone else in order to ensure the quality of our products.
All our rackets are unique and they have been made at home by craftsmen who appreciate the job well done, know the sector and value the authenticity of the product.
We do not manufacture more than 30 padel rackets a day to ensure a proper production down to the very last detail. So each and every one of them has been evaluated and tested by our experts. After spending a maturing period of five days, a team of sportsmen works with us in order to test each racket before it comes onto the market.
Thus, we can ensure that it is a quality product and it is unique in a way that this can only be achieved through crafts. Since no two rackets are alike, now you only need to find yours.

  • High Quality rackets
  • Our best efforts in Customer Service
  • 4-months Official Manufacturer Warranty throughout our worldwide authorized retailers


When choosing a padel racket, apart from the design, it is essential to bear in mind the quality of the materials in order to ensure optimal results. For this reason, each of our rackets is manufactured exclusively with state-of-the-art materials whichundergo a careful manufacturing process.

Justten worries about all the details to achieve a unique article that fits the public needs. They appreciate the quality of a product without being professionals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, we have a padel racket that will help you make the most of your favorite sport.

On the one hand, the Justten rackets have an impact surface with a state-of-the-art Light Eva rubber interior that provides a clean shot, it allows you to execute power shots and reduce the risk of injuries.Furthermore, the Light Eva rubber gives the racket a longer useful life than the others.

On the other hand, our rackets are coated both carbon fiber, a high-quality material that achieves unbeatable results in terms of lightness and pressure resistance; and fiberglass, which is the most used material in the manufacture of padel rackets since it is flexible, but it has a high degree of resistance. The combination of both materials adapts to the needs of the different players.


The only way to make a high-quality product is to be updated with the latest technologies. Therefore, Justten is constantly researching ways of improvingits products in order to fit into the handicraft production that it offers.

So, we have developed an exclusive system of holes on the impact surface that makes that our padelrackets are more aerodynamic and they do not have air resistance problems and they are immune to vibration.

In the same way, we have introduced Light EVAtechnology, a material of the highest quality that provides significant advantages in terms of impact absorption and gives a degree of flexibility to paddle. This brings us a greater sense of power and control.

Since Just Ten believes in innovation and research to improve its products.


Just Ten knows that good design can make the difference between two products; it is for that reason that we spend a lot of time and effort to develop our rackets.

The perfect combination of weight and strength achieves the right balance; the result is a light and versatile padel racket that provides more speed and a greater reaction capacity. New elements and minor changes are regularly introduced to the manufactured rackets to improve them more and to be able to ensure the best possible quality.

We introduce a product with a minimalist design that we have developed together with the official coach of Catalan Padel and it focuses on making the best use possible of this product. On the one hand, its impact surface follows a pattern that combines holes of two different sizes, this provides less air resistance and antivibration. On the other hand, the frame is covered by a carbon fiber strip which protects the paddle and gives it a longer useful life.

Moreover, you can customize the color of your padelracket on our webpage. Since Justten thinks that there is no perfect paddle; you are the only one who makes it perfect.